Media coverage of the Eat Local Challenge

Television and Print Media Coverage

(Fox 8, WWL-TV, WGNO, The Advocate, Times- Picayune, Gambit Weekly)




Channel 4 WWL TV with Sally Anne Roberts and Eric Paulsen

discussing the New Orleans Eat Local Challenge

Sally and Eric discuss the perks the Eat Local Challenge and enjoy Coquette’s all local ingredient Eat Local Challenge dish, a squash blossom beignet, with chefs Michael Stoelfus and Zack Smith. video

Channel 8 Fox WVUE Shelly Brown Interviews Chef Matt Murphy

Chef Matt Murphy of the Irish House and Julie Barreda of Destination Kitchen discuss the culinary tours and “Foodie Crawls”  of the Eat Local Challenge and cook up all some local ingredient Gulf Coast Bouillabaise.  video


Channel 8 Fox WVUE Molly Kimball Discusses Eating Fit While Eating Locally with Shelley Brown

“How to Eat Fit While Eating Locally”  Molly Kimball and Chef Carl Shaubhut from Cafe Adelaide talk about the Eat Fit restaurant program as in conjunction with the 2014 New Orleans Eat Local Challenge.  video

Print and Online Media Coverage of the New Orleans Eat Local Challenge

Alex Woodward 
”Registrations for Eat Local Challenge beginning April 1st”Gambit Weekly


Ann Maloney
“Fourth Annual New Orleans Eat Local Challenge kicks off Saturday”  
The Times Picayune


Molly Kimball June 
Eat Local Challenge: Simple Steps to Make Eating Local Even Easier.“Get the Skinny with Molly”


Judy Walker
Locavores find and eat unusual vegetables, proteins, fish, and more during Eat Local Month.
The Times Picayune


Susan Langenhennig
Chef Tenney Flynn serves lionfish, bermuda chud, and other bycatch at the G.W. Fins Locavore trash fish dinner event.
The Times Picayune
Sarah Baird
Eat Local Challenge classes provide opportunity for mushroom foraging, mead making and more.Gambit Weekly


Susan Langenhennig
Foraging for food in the great outdoors: Edible plants are everywhere if you know where to look.Eat local event: Dr.Charles Allen at the Longue Vue Gardens.
The Times Picayune


Ian McNulty
Eat Local Challenge has area chefs putting underutilized species on menus.The N.O. Advocate


Stephanie Bruno 
Locavore bike tours pedal past urban farms and gardens after ferrying across the river. The N.O. Advocate

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