A huge thanks to the Patron sponsors of the New Orleans Eat Local Challenge, without whose support the event would not be possible.

Protector of Louisiana’s Resources (Platinum Level)

Carly Hammond
Peggy Stafford


Ambassador of Local Growers and Fishermen (Gold Level)

Melissa Luer
Elvia Chauvin
Vivian Cahn
Dr. Leslie Brown
Janet Parrish
Melissa Jagers
Tom Daly


Lover of Local Foods (Silver Level)

Valerie Barron
Stuart Henderson
Moses Swent
Jan Robert
Palms of Duane Allen
Richard Thompson
Jessica Walker
Lisa Keleher



Friend of the Eat Local Challenge (Brass Level)

Shannon Chiasson
Kate Massimi
Barbara Metzinger
Karen Purdy
Marilyn Huddell
Maura Reynolds
Editha Amacker
Tim Kleinpeter
Laurie Richiutti
Michael Cunningham
Diane Weiss
Andy Wellbaum
Summer Bell
Liz Douglass
Darlene Wolnik
Erica Villarejos
Stephanie Seasly
Matha Robson
Stacie Dawson
Allison Freeman
Sarah Tucker
Victoria King
Fred Neal Jr.
Amy Goodson
Andrea Wallace
Liz Talbott
Samantha Frost
Susan Charles

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