About Us

The NOLA Locavores was started after Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Oil Spill when the hardships of our seafood industry were each day on the front page of the news.  After reading “Plenty” by Alisa Smith and seeing the reality show based on the book where a community in Vancouver went 100 days on a 100 mile diet, lead organizers and Louisiana natives, Lee Stafford and Dr. Leslie Brown decided this was a good time to begin an Eat Local Challenge in Louisiana. Chefs from around the world come to prepare dishes with ingredients from this region.  The path was laid for this local food foraging contest.

Our Mission

To raise awareness of the nutritional, economic, environmental and cultural benefits of eating locally sourced food.

Throughout the year NolaLocavores works with other similar minded organizations to advocate for both the values of sustainable agriculture practices and bringing fresh produce to New Orleans, LA.

The primary way the NolaLocavores executes its mission in through their Annual New Orleans Eat Local Challenge, which take pace throughout the month of June.

Founders and Board

Dr Leslie Brown, co-founder of NOLA Locavores, is a native New Orleanian, vegan activist, and founder of the NOLA Veggie Fest. Her experience with the local growers and producers and the support of the New Orleans vegan community led her to become more involved in the locavore movement.  Dr. Leslie Brown practices pediatrics in Covington, La.

Lee Stafford, co-founder of NOLA Locavores, is a community activist and creator of the Euterpe Recycling Center and is active in the effort to revitalize Central City, New Orleans.  Lee graduated from Tulane University with a degree in History and enjoys celebrating Louisiana culture and, as Richard McCarthy calls it, “the taste of the place”.

Ann Byerly is a world traveler having lived on many continents and a firm believer in the local food movement.

Vivian Cahn is an interior designer, local food advocate, nutritionist food blogger and supporter of shopping locally.

Anne Mueller is a native New Orleanian who through her professional and volunteer projects is committed to the ongoing revitalization of New Orleans.

Bill Pastellak is the director of  growth and operations at Hollygrove Market and Farm.

Aimee Preau is a cultural anthropologists interested in the indigenous foods of Louisiana.

Emery Van Hook Sonnier is the Associate Director of the Crescent City Farmers Markets.

Moses Swent is a lifelong Louisiana hunter / fisherman. Being raised in Rapides Parish, he has hunted, caught, and trapped much of the wildlife Louisiana has to offer.

Poppy Tooker is a native New Orleanian who has spent her life immersed in the vibrant colors and flavors of her hometown.  An author, TV and radio host she is an advocate for recognizing the unique tastes of Louisiana.  “Eat it to Save it”




Allison Anspach,  Allison is in charge of event planning for the 2013 Eat Local Challenge and organizing of the scavenger hunt.  allison@nolalocavores.org

Simone Ballard, Simone is in charge of local foods research. simone@nolalocavores.org

Annie Harding, Annie is in charge of Spring NOLA Locavore events and promotions. annie@nolalocavores.org

Rachel Herschlag, Rachel is building the “Know your Farmers Resource Guide”. A comprehensive resource of farmers and the products within a 200 mile radius. rachel@nolalocavores.org

Taylor Lanton, Taylor is our social media expert. taylor@nolalocavores.org

William Marshak,  Will is creating a map of wild edibles in the New Orleans region. william@nolalocavores.org.

Whitney Stewart, Whitney is the marketing director for the 2013 Eat Local Challenge. whitney@nolalocavores.org






Our Collaborators

For more information email us at nolalocavores@gmail.com.
1618 Oretha C. Haley Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70113



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