Local Foods

Below are 3 ways in which you can find local foods:

  1. Locally Based Supermarkets and Food Coops are a great source for local foods.  
    We support our locally owned and operated Rouses Supermarkets.  They are a huge proponent of supporting our local growers, shrimpers and fisherman.  You cannot find a shrimp in their stores that did not come out of the Gulf.  In addition to fruits and vegetables, Rouses carries rice, pecans, beef, lamb, duck, pork and many other products. For the full list see our 2013 Local Food Products Resource Guide.  The NOLA Food Coop is also a great resource for local produce and seafood.
  2. Farmers Markets
    New Orleans is lucky to be home to a wide variety of farmers markets, roadside produce trucks and stands, and a locavore friendly butcher shop Cleaver and Co.  that sources most of their meats locally.  Below is a list of  Farmers Markets in the greater  New Orleans area.
  3. Roadside stands are also great places to find fresh local produce. 
     Farmers Markets /RoaBecoming involved in a community garden is an easy way to get started in gardening. Fellow gardeners can help you get started and share growing tips and other resources. Click the link below for a list of active community gardens in the metro area. This list was assembled by Parkway Partners. Community Gardens.

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