Farm to Office Challenge

We are happy to partnering with the City of New Orleans Health Department’s Fit NOLA program to stimulate businesses to encourage healthier diets among their employees and to encourage reinvestment in our local agricultural and seafood economy.

The Rules:

  1. One point is awarded for each company each time one of their team posts on instagram or tweets with the hashtag #FarmToOfficeNOLA and tags both @EatLocalNOLA and @FitNOLA.
    Posts can be any of:
    a. Photo of a team member shopping for local food at a farmers market, Hollygrove, at the Nola Food Coop, or any where you shop for local foods. Catching or trapping, growing and picking your own local foods counts too.
    b. Photo of a local ingredient meal created by a team member.
    c. Photo of a team member exercising at a NORDC facility.
    d. Photo of a dish from one of the Eat Local Challenge participating restaurants.
  2. Five points will be awarded for each business team member to check in at our table at the Crescent City Farmers Market downtown market (750 Carondelet) June 3rd between 8am and noon.
  3. Contest officially begins May 31st at midnight and ends on Sunday June 25th and posts before or after that time will not be counted.
  4. Posts / Tweets must tag both @EatLocalNOLA and @FitNOLA and the hashtag #FarmtoOfficeNOLA to be counted.
  5. The announcement of the winner of the FitNOLA | Eat Local NOLA Farm to Office Challenge Winner will be made on Sunday June 30th at the Finale Party where the trophy will be awarded.


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