Signed up? That’s the first step. Visit the Sign Up page and become a locavore.

Ready. Set. Lettuce Eat. Its June 1st, and you have your New Orleans Local Foods Buyers Guide in hand and you are ready to start out on your path to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle….. or you signed up for this Eat Local Challenge and the thought of this geographic diet already has you starving and without a clue on how to proceed.

Option A: Visit one or more of the below and see what they are offering. Build your shopping list around it!

  • community gardens and farmers markets
  • roadside stands and U-Pick farms
  • local produce and locally produced foods at local grocery stores

Option B: If you have an idea of what you want to cook and want to solve the puzzle of finding the ingredients or their substitutes, pull out your handy New Orleans Local Foods Buyers Guide and your gps.

Option C: The idea of menu planning and shopping already has you exhausted. Click on Participating Restaurants and see which local restaurants have menu options that call out to your taste buds.

Remember, three recipes will be posted on the website each day to help you come up with ideas.  The Crescent City Farmers Market Cookbook is also a great resource for recipes using local ingredients.

Not only will you be a healthier you, but by eating locally-produced food, you will also make an impact on the local environment and economy. Lots of fuel is used to transport food across country and from other countries. With a geographic diet, you are reducing the carbon footprint. You are also supporting local farmers, fishermen, and shrimpers.[/spoiler]

If you looking at the forum page, on your left where it is says “Participate in the ELC Forums” there is a button underneath that reads “Login or Sign Up.”

Click that.

Then a box will open with different options of accounts to use to sign in.  I used facebook because it already has a profile picture. Then you click ” allow ” to use this account, then it takes you back to the home page.  Click on the forum to which you want your subject to post, there are 7. If  you have recipe post it under recipes, an activity for challengers post there, or information about the Locavore Market etc. Then click, start a topic , and a new page opens and then type in the title in the small bar and then the text in the big box below. When you are finished click post topic.



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